Moin, I am Finn from Hamburg!

You are here because your cloud software development processes are not running as smoothly as they could be!

As an independent consultant, I advise companies and startups on how to streamline their DevOps and cloud practices!

I assess your current status, highlight current issues, focus on optimization potentials, and provide concrete recommendations for action - without many trial and error attempts.

Tool agnostic - but there are preferences

Best of breed - These are the tools I prefer to work with.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS offers a wide range of cloud services, including Compute (EC2), Storage (S3), Databases (RDS, Aurora, DocumentDB), and Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the most widely used cloud platforms worldwide.


Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestration tool. It provides scalability, reliability, and automatic load balancing for cloud-native applications.


Terraform is an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tool that allows you to declaratively manage cloud infrastructure resources. It enables automation of provisioning and configuration.


Docker enables containerization of applications, simplifying development and deployment of software in various environments.

GitHub Actions

GitHub is a widely used platform for version control and collaboration. It simplifies the process of managing and sharing code with features like Git repositories, issue tracking, and pull requests.


Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications without managing server infrastructure. It enables automatic scaling and cost optimization based on usage.

Ask not me, ask my clients!

What others are talking about me:

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Any more questions?

The most common questions I am asked are:

Where did you get your knowledge from?

What do you do when you're not in the cloud?

Which industries are you specialized in?

In which technology stacks can you assist us?

How long does a collaboration with you last?

How do you start projects? / How do projects unfold for you?

When can I expect to see the first results?

Silence is silver - speaking is gold.

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