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Often people ask me questions like “Finn, there was this term ‘rtfm’ on this blog post. What does this mean?” or “Git is very cool. But how can I push a commit to my repository?”.

Then I facepalm myself and think “OMG! They are wasting my time to explain it to them instead of asking google about it and get the right answer in the preview of the first hit!”

Instead of explaining the problem with wasting another people’s time, there is a more subtle way: Using the service lmgtfy. The name means “let me google that for you”.

This service will generate a link which you can sent to the annoying person. It creates an animation where the process of visiting google, typing in the search term and pressing “search” is shown. Afterwards the site forwards the browser to the real google site with the corresponding query. So you have googled the term for the other person. Perhaps the person is able to do this the next time on its own :-)

How it works

  1. Visit the site http://lmgtfy.com/.
  2. Choose your favourite search engine e.g. google.
  3. Enter the term (e.g. “rtfm”) which you want to google for that person.
  4. Click “Get Link”.
  5. Send the link to the annoying person.


The link can also be generate manually. Just add <your term> to the following pattern.

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=<your term>

In the case of the term “rtfm” this becomes


Try it

This link will demonstrate this for the term “rtfm”.




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