Ultimate Extended Link List

This is my Ultimate Extended Link List. It it a continuously growing list of interesting online resources. I am always happy to receive new cool stuff!

I want to thank the people who provide me with cool new stuff:

  • My friend from Bilbao (Spain) Ekaitz Zarraga. He is the best in finding interesting stuff in the internet and has sent so many “links of the day” to me. Some of the links in this list are provided by him. Also he is one of the best programmers I know and a master of vim as well as the command line. Be sure to check his websites and projects.
  • My hacking dude Dennis Trautwein from my university. In sessions which often last for hours we like to discuss interesting stuff in the topics software, hardware and much more. I love spending time with him in our so called “nerding sessions”. Sometimes we have good coffee at these sessions, sometimes Dennis brews the coffee ;-)


In this list I accumulate interesting links. Because its like a collection of bookmarks I put interesting links here after I received them and found them worth putting here. So I can not recommend them all equally. So I marked them in the following way:

  • (tbt) To be tested: Some of the links are here because it seems interesting, but I have not tested it in depth. So I can not recommend them right now. They might be absolutely crap or the best thing in the world.
  • (r) recommended: I have tested this links and really liked them. I can strongly recommend them. But there is no blog post of test of them by me.
  • (rb) recommended with blog post: Like (r) but there is a blog post by me about it. A link to the blog post is in the description.

If there is no classifier the link is not classified right now and the status is uncertain.


  • (tbt) Tox Chat Instant messenger like Skype but better.
  • (tbt) Dudle: Free Doodle alternative hosted by the University of Dresden.
  • (tbt) OverTheWire.org: Learn how to use the command line like a hacker online.
  • (r) Overcast: Webplayer for podcasts and provider of a awesome app.



Command Line

Python Programming

Videos about Physics

  • (r) Exiton Polariton: This is an amazing example how to explain a complex topic with an animation.

Mathematics and theoretical stuff

Blogs and Websites


Podcasts I am listening

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